Waldemar Santiago
el Marzo 30, 2021 206 views
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For more than sixty years the United States Navy used the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, to test military weaponry and to train soldiers. Decades of opposition from the local community and international allies, lead to the withdrawal of the armed forces and the ending of all military activity on the island and its surroundings. After more than a decade of this departure, the Viequenses demand to the US Government a full cleanup, and the complete return of their lands. Unsatisfied with the lack of commitment from federal and state agencies to assume their responsibilities, the Viequenses face a new struggle for justice within their island.
To document the challenges and the current struggle of the Viequenses, filmmaker and journalist Juan C. Dávila interviews activists and personnel from the federal agencies in charge of the cleanup. The documentary compares and contrasts their arguments with research from Puerto Rican scientists, who are looking for solutions to the environmental hazards and improving the health of a community exposed to high levels of toxicity. Vieques: una batalla inconclusa (An Endless Battle) recounts the history of Vieques and the islanders share their memories of an endless battle against the United States Navy.
Directed by: Juan C. Dávila
Produced by: Juan C. Dávila, David Vega Rolón
Starring: Ismael Guadalupe, Roberto Rabin, Carlos ‘Taso’ Zenón, María Velázquez, Cacimar Zenón, Norma Torres, Nilda Medina, Carmen Valencia, Arturo Massol, Jorge Colón, Cruz María Nazario
Year: 2016
Country: Puerto Rico
Language: Spanish
Production Company: Frutos Fílmicos
Distribution Companies: Third World Newsreel (Educational), Patas Arriba Media Project (Online)
Official Selections: Rincón International Film Festival, International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Havana Film Festival)