Waldemar Santiago
el Octubre 3, 2016 203 views
Carlos is an individual who has had many difficulties in his life. Moreover Dr. Edwin desperately seeking a higher purpose on earth. Two strangers will meet to impact their lives in a very positive way. A story that invites us to make a difference in the lives of the people around us and challenges us to ask. Who's next?
Casa productora: Enfoque Films
Director: Eduardo Salgado
Productor: Lester Rivé
Productor Ejecutivo: Edwin Rodriguez
Director fotografía: Angel Castro
Asistente producción: Gabriel Rivé
Concepto: Eduardo Salgado y Lester Rivé
Edición: Eduardo Salgado
Color grading: Robert Negrón
Mezcla de Sonido: Frey Fernandez
Agradecemos a
Carlos Camacho
Richard Rodriguez
Douglas Rios
Yuliana Vélez
Francisco Figueroa
Frey Fernandez
Robert Negrón
Axis Studios
“Wander” - Steven Gutheinz
“Who Will Remember”- A. Taylor
“Return of Ulises”-Lee Books
“Awareness”- Lee Brooks
Categorias: Documental
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